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  1. Bibliographical index of the State Institution “Scientific and Practical Center of the State Forensic Examination Committee of the Republic of Belarus” employees’ scientific publications for 2019 / compiled by: Yu. F. Shpakovsky, T.K. Grekova, E.V. Kamkar. - Minsk: SPC State. For. Exam. Com.,Rep. Belarus, 2020. - 36 p.

    The bibliographic index contains the list of scientific publications of the Scientific and Practical Center employees for 2019. It includes bibliographic information on monographs, methods, handbooks and recommendations, articles in domestic and foreign periodicals, materials of international scientific and practical conferences and seminars, forums and round tables, etc.
    The bibliographic index will be useful for scientific and practical employees of forensic institutions, teaching staff, post-graduates and students of higher educational establishments.
  2. Daineko, O. A. Differentiation of electrophotographic printing toners by IR spectroscopy: inform.-method. letter / O. A. Daineko, A. I. Galavnev. - Minsk: SPC State. For. Exam. Com. Rep. Belarus, 2020. - 24 p.

    The authors, during the research work, generalized and systematized the obtained experimental data and the available literature data on the forensic investigation of the electrophotographic (electrographic) printing black toners by IR spectroscopy.
    Intended for forensic experts operating in the field of technical examination of documents, researchers, professors, post-graduate students, M.Sc. students and course participants of the specialty “Forensic examination”.
  3. Kravchunas, G.V. Analysis of the verbal aggression typical situations: inform.-method. letter / G.V. Kravchunas, A.V. Dubik. - SPC State. For. Exam. Com. Rep. Belarus, 2020. - 40 p.

    The methodical newsletter provides general information on the constituent elements of communication obtained on the basis of the scientific and methodological literature analysis. The algorithm for analyzing a communicative situation is developed, the examples of its description are given. Typical communicative situations of various types of speech aggression are described.
    A comparison of typical communicative situations expressing negative assessment of a personality is made.
    Intended for linguistic examiners, researchers, professors of higher educational establishments..
  4. Krivitsky, A. M. Application of differentiated values of a driver reaction time in forensic best practice: method. recommendations / A. M. Krivitsky, A. N. Fedorako, L. I. Pleskatsevich. - - SPC State. For. Exam. Com. Rep. Belarus, 2020. - 24 p.

    The methodical recommendations provide differentiated values of the drivers reaction time depending on the characteristic features of a traffic situation. Intended for forensic examiners and researchers on the profiles of their study.
  5. Lapunina, T. A. Methods for establishing the presence of a person’s negative assessment and the normative / non-normative form of her language expression in a disputed text / T. A. Lapunina, G. V. Kravchunas, A. V. Dubik. - SPC State. For. Exam. Com. Rep. Belarus, 2020 - 76 p.

    These methods describes an algorithm for resolving matters of a person’s negative assessment and the form of her language expression in a disputed text, which is a sequence of interconnected functional blocks. Each block reflects a specific expert’s action implementation: starting with familiarization of the received materials and ending with the conclusions drawing. The implemented in the methodology approach is based on establishing in a speech product of a semantic component with the value of a negative assessment of the person and the form of his speech expression, taking into account the sphere of communication and the concept of ethical-speech norm.
    The methodology is intended for forensic examiners and researchers, according to the profiles of their studies and can also be used in an educational process for professional retraining and raising of examiners’ qualification.
  6. The methodical recommendations for the intra-company economic planning materials research of business entities activities during production of forensic economic examinations / T. A. Svetlichnaya [et al.]. - SPC State. For. Exam. Com. Rep. Belarus, 2020. - 204 p.

    The methodical recommendations provide basic information regarding the intra-company economic planning materials research of business entities activities. The authors present typical expert methods of forensic economic examination of intra-company economic planning materials research of the activities as well as plans development while implementing intra-company economic planning of the activities.
    The above mentioned methods application allows us to establish questions, appointed by an examination initiator, of compliance with the requirements of the current legislation issues of documenting the intra-company economic activity planning, as well as a business plan development of the business entity in the course of an intra-company activities economic planning.
    The methodical recommendations are intended for forensic experts in the field of forensic economic examination.